Mark Muehl

Sent to Serve with Words

Seems like there is more chatter than ever before! Plenty of noise; lots of confusion. Isn’t it amazing that with all the resources available for communicating that communication is one of the most perplexing elements of life? One could argue that everyone is talking, but very few people are making sense. Compare… Read more »

VIP Excitement

COVID19 affected the event date, the location, and the attendee list, but it did not suppress the love of the Lutheran community, its love for freedom and religious liberty, and its love for Lutheran schools! As September 3 drew closer, we at TLSP had reason to be concerned. Would COVID19 fears bring… Read more »

SGO Results 2020: Money Left on the Table?

While SGO donations “count” for the year the donation is made (January 1 through December 31), the SGO program is a fiscal year program… July 1 through June 30 (hence why someone can donate in December and again in January for two different tax years but the same SGO year). Here are… Read more »

Sent to Serve

Service and vocation are central to the response to the call to faith in Christ. However, lately the notion of service can become trite. So much has been written on servant leadership and humility in leadership that any new blog can fall on deaf ears- or blind eyes! Honor and respect are… Read more »

“Without Fear”

The day is drawing closer for TLSP’s inaugural VIP Signature Event, Boldly ad without Fear.”This event will occur in the concourse level of Parkview Field, Thursday, September 3, 2020 from 5:30-9:30 PM. At that time, we will hear from the Rev Dr Gregory Seltz. His message is sure to resonate as he… Read more »

Survive and Thrive

Determining one’s own truth- sexuality, life issues, morality. Who would have ever thought that one would argue about being male and female, challenge the intrinsic value of life itself (in the unborn or aging) or even suggest that reality changes by how one feels from one minute to another? Consistency? Standards? Principles… Read more »

Be a VIP!

It’s coming very soon- The Lutheran School Partnership’s first ever fundraising event, Very Important Partnerships (VIP). As a reader of this post, you are one of our VIPs as you value Lutheran education and follow the activities of TLSP. As a VIP, we enjoy your support through prayers, interest in TLSP and… Read more »

Faces of Anxiousness and Faith

The grandsons have left the house for their next stop and ultimately for their new home in Michigan. Sebastian and Theodore are wide eyed, energetic boys who leave a path of toys wherever they have been. During their stay with Oma and Papa, they’ve been treated to playgrounds, a tractor and combine… Read more »