Mark Muehl

Security Check

Health. Happiness. Employment. Family. Friends. We expect these things We find security in these things. Present circumstances are rattling our security. COVID19 fears abound. Fear has threatened happiness. We miss our friends and family. We fear the loss of our health and others health. Choose to look away from these threats, these… Read more »

Face to Face in the Days of Home Based

Navigating the rapid changes for schools in the last few weeks has been a tremendous job for administrators and teachers. While some of our schools had participated in e-learning in the past, not all had experience with delivering instruction in this way. Extended remote learning is also very different from a few… Read more »


Holy Week is upon us and the certainty of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection is in grand contrast to the news of the day. As we experience a sense of fear and uncertainty even more than 9/11 and as the unknown is shared with non-stop urgency, we are facing the reality of not… Read more »

Feeding Minds and Bodies

When the decision to move schooling to a home-based model was made recently, one of the first concerns of some educators was not for the academic or social needs of students, but for their physical needs. Many families count on school lunches for one meal per day for their children, and some… Read more »

Donors Want to Know and THEY WANT TO HELP

While not “as usual”, business is still moving forward at TLSP! Instead of monthly in-person meetings with principals and guest presenters, even now we are hosting weekly Zoom meetings with all 19 schools and today’s guest- Cross Connections… (yes, that is me taking the picture in the top row.) Donors are moving… Read more »

Don't make the mud the object

Mud. Water. Christ. Those three were the center of what I heard Sunday as we listened and watched streamed services. Mud. Water. Christ. The Gospel lesson was from John 9, the account of Jesus healing the man born blind. Oh there is so much to consider in that chapter but actually, the… Read more »

COVID-19 – Without Fear

COVID-19 has been and will be in the forefront of Lutheran school ministry for the weeks to come. The virus is real. What to expect? Every country has had its variables. The US is no different. Unfortunately, the reactions to the virus have included uncertainty, panic and anxiety. Uncertainty? With no widespread… Read more »

"Boldly and Without Fear" - TLSP VIP Signature Event

“Boldly and without fear.” That’s the message that the Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz will share for TLSP’s inaugural VIP Signature Event, Thursday, April 16 at the Walb International Ballroom of Purdue Fort Wayne University.  Rev. Dr. Greg Seltz serves as the Executive Director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty. Prior to… Read more »