Jon Dize

With a little help from my friends

I've always loved the sound of the Beatles song "With a Little Help from My friends." Not to say I don't love the sound of the Joe Cocker Woodstock version, but the Beatles' version was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon specifically for Ringo to sing; still very "Beatles," but customized… Read more »

Where is your heart?

Like many of you, I held off until Thanksgiving night to start listening to Christmas music, and I haven't turned off Bing Crosby since. One of the songs in my iTunes account is the Harry Connick Jr. song "When My Heart Finds Christmas." One line in particular causes me to pause: "In… Read more »

What's in your wallet?

No, I'm not asking you to empty the contents of your wallet for an SGO gift (unless you want to!).The once-popular TV credit card commercial would run through all the wonderful things that the person or family could do with just the right piece of plastic in their grasp.I'd like to challenge… Read more »

What's old is new again

In the fundraising world, we're often encouraged to "try something new," to "keep it fresh," or "don't do it like we've always done it." While these are great concepts to keep in mind, in many instances, we're finding that the "tried-and-true methods" are called that for a reason: They work!For instance ...1… Read more »

Four ways that SGOs skyrocketed in 2013-14

The SGO program in Indiana, a.k.a. the School Tax Credit Program, blew off the charts in 2013-14, nearly running out of available credits. Students all over Indiana benefited from charitable giving to scholarships that was encouraged by a generous 50-percent state tax credit. What were the results for The Lutheran SGO of… Read more »

Lutheran Schools Night at the TinCaps is August 16.

We need your help filling Parkview Field on Saturday, August 16, as we celebrate the unique resources we have in northeast Indiana-18 Lutheran schools-with The Lutheran Schools Partnership's Fourth Annual Lutheran Schools Night at the TinCaps. This event is one of the largest gatherings of Lutheran-friendly families in the region. For $… Read more »

The HOW of Endowments

In February, I wrote about endowments, The Lutheran Foundation's ongoing efforts to match endowment funds for our area Lutheran schools, and why every school and every school board should be focused on raising these needed funds.Now that I have convinced you why to support an endowment, I suppose you would like to… Read more »

Endowment building: the future of our schools

In fundraising circles, we're taught that "annual giving helps keep the lights on, but endowments ensure your long-term viability." We're blessed in northeast Indiana that The Lutheran Foundation has been helping area Lutheran schools secure their future with an endowment-services matching-grant program since the 2009-2010 school year.Basing the amounts each year per… Read more »