Jon Dize

Endowment Funds have Uses

It’s January when our partner schools’ attention turns from SGOs to… endowments!Thanks to an ongoing yearly matching challenge from The Lutheran Foundation, our schools can raise pre-determined levels every year from July 1 to June 1 of each year.However, based on research from Phil Meizen from The LCMS Foundation, only ⅓ of… Read more »

She’s a Great Teacher, Charlie Brown

WARNING: This is an article on schools, teachers, and instruction written by a finance major.While this is not an article about alumni, I often tell our schools when considering an alumni program, that “most people have a warm-fuzzy for a K-8 teacher. Mine was Mrs.Schwartz, 3rd grade. If she called me up… Read more »

Charles Dickens and Fundraising in 1843

I am a big fan of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. I grew up watching George C. Scott (see picture) as Ebenezer Scrooge, and more recently have found Patrick Stewart’s portrayal to be quite enjoyable and true to the story. And I have been known to be found watching Mickey Mouse’s version… Read more »


By now, #GivingTuesday is just a memory or a “to do list” for next year: After Black Friday, Shop Local Saturday, and Cyber Monday comes an avenue to donate, mostly online, on Tuesday. It’s a fundraising option that some of our schools use, including Concordia Lutheran High School and Redeemer Classical School.On… Read more »

Henry “Hank” Rosso: Giving is a Privilege

“Giving is a privilege, not a nuisance or a burden. … Thoughtful philanthropists see themselves as responsible stewards of life’s gifts to them. What they have they hold in trust, in their belief, and they accept the responsibility to share their treasures effectively through their philanthropy. Giving is an expression of thankfulness… Read more »

It Takes Time

Transformational fundraising takes a long time. Urgency is the enemy of fundraising.-- Eileen Savage, J Paul Getty Trust Many boards hire fundraising staff in a drought and expect them to make it rain the next day.-- Joan Baumgartner Brown Tempus Fugit.-- Jon’s High School Latin Teacher When I coach our 19 Lutheran… Read more »

Doing Nothing vs. Doing Something

I subscribe to a periodic blog, Future Fundraising Now. A few years ago there was an entry on Fundraising Predictions. One of the five predictions was titled, “Doing Nothing Will Not Be Less Risky.” I would like to explore that with our area Lutheran schools.Indeed, keeping the status quo is always easier… Read more »