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These were the words used by our speaker Rev. Bart Day (CEO of the Lutheran Church Extension Fund) at The Lutheran School Partnership’s 2021 VIP Event. He reminded us that as Very Important Partners in support of Lutheran schools, you and I need to stand firm in the certainty of… Read More

Congratulations to the following educators who were nominated by their peers and parents of students for the 2022 TLSP Educator of the Year Award: Amy Scott - Ascension Lutheran SchoolAndrea Koenig - St. Peter’s Lutheran SchoolAnyssa Scaer - Ascension Lutheran… Read More

The Happiness Idol

Posted on Apr 04, 2022 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership - Christian Living

Shared with permission from a fellow teacher- Overheard in another teacher's class today: Teacher describes a missionary who did years of work to educate villages to literacy, translate the Bible into their language, help build infrastructure, etc... Student: "Wow, that guy… Read More

Fear and Worry

Posted on Mar 14, 2022 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership - Christian Living

Third grade. I was confronted with death. An 8th grade boy in my school was stricken with brain cancer. In that same year, Great-Grandma died - my first memory of someone close to me dying. In one year, the loving, protected world that my parents had provided was impacted by… Read More

As a child, I learned about “The Shot Heard Around the World” that was the “Spark of the Revolution” via School House Rock (yes, I will be humming that tune for the rest of the day.) I was recently reminded of this simple slogan after reading a recent article, actually a series… Read More

Why Lutheran schools and who should be enrolled? Over the years, some Lutheran school communities have struggled with enrollment and with whom the school is designed to serve. Congregational members? Daughter/sister congregations’ families? Other Christian families? Faith… Read More

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