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The article pages scanned and inserted below is a reprint from our December 28, 2020 Monday Morning Musing post, but has been periodically shared by me since its printing in the 1996 Imprimis, the monthly periodical of Hillsdale College. This was a reprint from a 1993 issue, of… Read More

My wife and daughter found this little volunteer in a flowerbed this summer. In amongst the mulch, all by itself, was this little shoot. It wasn't like the Lamb's Ear or Daisies near it, so we knew it shouldn't be there. After we pulled it, we found it was indeed a future tree,… Read More


Posted on Nov 08, 2021 by John Crilly - Christian Leadership - Lutheran Spirit - Christian Living

“When it is all said in done, I just hope that I don't get in the way. I have spent my entire life trying to stay out of the way.” This was John Weber’s “about statement” on his Facebook page. The statement came out of his mouth a lot. For a big guy, getting out of the way… Read More

I'm Just Tired.

Posted on Oct 11, 2021 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership - Christian Living

It’s said with a sort of singsong, matter-of-fact, “no-biggie” kind of tone. “I’m just tired.” How many people have you heard share this reflection with you this week? Are you adding yourself to that number? Frankly, the expression of being tired is not a surprise in our… Read More

COVID19 is ______________. There are plenty of descriptions that can be put into that blank... and none of them would be kind! COVID19 has ruined businesses, caused major upheavals in ways of life and challenged the very society that we have enjoyed. Families have experienced… Read More

My Plea

Posted on Mar 29, 2021 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit - Christian Living

April 5-12. Holy Week 2020. Do you remember it? We had just begun “hunkering down” responding to the authorities who were seeking to protect us from the dreaded COVID19 virus. There was a lot of fear. There was a lot of uncertainty. And we were stuck in our homes.As faithful… Read More

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