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Sent to Serve Enthusiastically

Posted on Feb 08, 2021 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit - Quality Education

What reasons do you hear for lack of attending or lack of support of Lutheran schools? Too expensive? Too risky? Doesn’t address my child’s needs. Hypocritical. Not a priority. Just too hard to justify the cost. Parents who inquire of a Lutheran school or choose to leave a… Read More

Sent to Serve through The Call

Posted on Jan 25, 2021 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit

Called. It’s a term that has various meanings in the Church. As Lutheran schools and their churches enter the season of calling teachers within our schools, consider the following calls as schools seek the servants needed to minister to the kids in the school’s care- *Called to… Read More

Fear Not

Posted on Dec 21, 2020 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit

We’ve heard “Fear Not” quite a bit this year. In our encouraging inaugural fundraising event including a plea to be Bold and Without Fear. “Fear Not” has been a recurring theme. Rightly so! It’s been a year of fear. Fear of illness and death. Fear of the unknown. Fear of loss.… Read More

Mask Up

Posted on Nov 23, 2020 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit

It’s the battlecry of COVID19. Mask up for your neighbor, for your family, for yourself. Cloth masks, surgical masks, N95 masks and face shields all have found their way into our decision making of obeying the mandate. During the short history of this pandemic, there has been… Read More

Sent to Serve

Posted on Sep 13, 2020 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit

Service and vocation are central to the response to the call to faith in Christ. However, lately the notion of service can become trite. So much has been written on servant leadership and humility in leadership that any new blog can fall on deaf ears- or blind eyes! Honor and… Read More

Catch the Lutheran Spirit

Posted on Jul 20, 2020 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit

Be a VIP!Introducing (again!) The Lutheran Schools Partnership’s first ever fundraising event, Very Important Partnerships (VIP). As a reader of this post, you are one of our VIPs as you value Lutheran education and follow the activities of TLSP. As a VIP, we enjoy your support… Read More

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