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My wife and daughter found this little volunteer in a flowerbed this summer. In amongst the mulch, all by itself, was this little shoot. It wasn't like the Lamb's Ear or Daisies near it, so we knew it shouldn't be there. After we pulled it, we found it was indeed a future tree,… Read More

Dr. Kevin Brockberg, Executive Counselor for Christian Education for the Indiana District of the LCMS, appreciates the work of TLSP to ensure that finance, curriculum, and current issues are disseminated to the network of schools in NE Indiana. Visit our website to see other… Read More

Sheila Nehrenz, Principal at Lutheran South Unity School in Fort Wayne, thanks TLSP for its help for her as a new principal, including curriculum, development, and the ability to collaborate with other leaders. Visit our website to see other TLSP testimonials from those that are… Read More


Posted on Nov 08, 2021 by John Crilly - Christian Leadership - Lutheran Spirit - Christian Living

“When it is all said in done, I just hope that I don't get in the way. I have spent my entire life trying to stay out of the way.” This was John Weber’s “about statement” on his Facebook page. The statement came out of his mouth a lot. For a big guy, getting out of the way… Read More

Substitute Teachers Needed

Posted on Aug 23, 2021 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit - Quality Education

Care to take on a job where you only have to work when you say “yes” to a phone call or email. That’s the smallest of considerations but please know that our Lutheran Schools will be in need of kid-caring, Jesus-loving individuals who can serve as substitute teachers. Being a… Read More

I was talking with a school principal recently, who shared the following story that I need to share with you: This principal received a call from a mom of an alum recently who wanted to stop in and see them. The principal remembered her child as one that had at first struggled… Read More

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