Monday Morning Musings

Posted on Jun 10, 2019 by Jon Dize - Funding the Mission

A few months ago, at the suggestion of John Schoedel, I started sending weekly fundraising sound bites on Monday mornings. Maybe a quote I read recently, perhaps a link to a good article, etc. I send it to our Partner school cohort; those who are responsible for fundraising at area schools. I also send it to some of our TLSP committee members.

Here is a recent MMM:

I was going through an old ALDE presentation by David Novak, and found the following to be very interesting:

  • Individual congregations (not Denominational Foundations) rank near the bottom of US charities in soliciting and closing both major and planned gifts.

Yet churches and schools have:

  • A prospect base any organization would love to have!
  • Concentrated group of donors in one location
  • Consistent giving
  • Strong affiliation
  • Grateful members
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, annually message opportunities

And I will add, every year religion is the top funding destination. Next is education.

Therefore, our churches and schools, teaching Christ, with cute kids in the classrooms should be busting at the seams with donors.

Just sayin’.

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