More than an Education: Family Benefits from Supportive Community at St. Peter's Lutheran School

Posted on Feb 19, 2016 by Mark Muehl - Quality Education

Erica Everett knows her son is in good hands at St. Peter's Lutheran School."When I moved to Fort Wayne, I knew I wanted him to be in a Lutheran school and I wanted God instilled in his life. I wanted it talked about everyday."After growing up in a Lutheran school in Decatur, she wanted the same great educational experience for her son. Erica chose St. Peter's Lutheran School in Fort Wayne, where her son, Rashon, is now a first grader.But the family was looking for more than just an education. As a single parent, she wanted a spiritual community where consistent and loving adults would invest in Rashon.
When Erica met with the pastor at St. Peter's, she explained her son's need for a father figure. "The pastor told me, ‘Then we will guide him and give our love to him,'" she adds. "They know my son's background and they give him extra guidance."This extra care means families like the Everetts have a supportive community where teachers follow up with parents and student interaction is positive."The staff communication is phenomenal," Erica says. "I never have to guess, ‘Is he doing well? Is he not doing well?' The biggest thing for me is that I love the way the teachers make the kids feel special."She marvels at how the children benefit from a well-organized learning environment. At St. Peter's, the Everett family benefits from experienced teachers who have made Rashon's education a positive one."One day I had some extra time before we left on a school field trip. I got to watch their daily routine—counting numbers and doing the pledges. It amazed me," Erica says. "At the beginning of first grade, he wasn't a big fan of reading. The teacher told me, ‘With boys, once they get it, they really want to start reading.'"After a week or two, Erica noticed an improvement in her son, with increased motivation and an improved ability to sound out words.But Erica admits it's not just the excellent education that makes St. Peter's special, it's also the strong spiritual foundation they provide.
"The number one advantage is that they are being taught God's word and it's molding them into wonderful individuals," she says. "The missing piece in public schools is that God is not in the school. That's something I want him to be exposed to day in and day out."Since Erica grew up in a Lutheran school, she sees the positive impact it had on her life."It instilled so many wonderful things," she adds. "I wouldn't have gotten through events in my life otherwise."In this way, St. Peter's is impacting families both academically and spiritually, providing the love and support all children need to grow and thrive.