Living My Dream

Posted on Oct 26, 2020 by Mark Muehl - Quality Education

When’s the last time you said this? When we’re young, we do a lot of dreaming. We considered the impossible and thought it possible. We looked at the world without the scars of past mistakes and dove into the world without pause or without considering cost. What was your… Read More

Spanish-born philosopher Moses Maimonides (1135-1204), was one of Judaism's most revered rabbis in the Middle Ages. Excerpted from the final chapter of his “Laws Concerning Gifts to the Poor”, Maimonides speaks of eight levels of “tzedakah”, often translated as “charity”. He… Read More

Sent to Serve with Words

Posted on Oct 12, 2020 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership

Seems like there is more chatter than ever before! Plenty of noise; lots of confusion. Isn’t it amazing that with all the resources available for communicating that communication is one of the most perplexing elements of life? One could argue that everyone is talking, but very… Read More

In recent posts, I shared information from two presentations from Dr. Kim Marxhausen to the teachers of the Lutheran Schools Partnership before school began this year. Dr. Marxhausen, a Lutheran educator and educational psychologist, presented information to us about how the… Read More

The Agitator recently posted what they think is the oldest Matching Gift appeal on record... from Pliny the Younger, a Roman nobleman in First Century A.D. The graphic from the article is included below. There are some parallels from then to now; the letter starts with a… Read More

VIP Excitement

Posted on Oct 05, 2020 by Mark Muehl - Funding the Mission

COVID19 affected the event date, the location, and the attendee list, but it did not suppress the love of the Lutheran community, its love for freedom and religious liberty, and its love for Lutheran schools! As September 3 drew closer, we at TLSP had reason to be concerned.… Read More

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Lutheran Schools are amazing! My child has grown so much since starting at Lutheran School—spiritually and academically. Most importantly, she loves her teacher and classmates. She can’t wait to go to school every day!

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