Teacher Appreciation

Posted on Mar 01, 2021 by Big

A teacher is a blessing.

We always knew our teachers were the most essential part of our schools. But this past year has made us realize how vital our teachers and staff are in the lives of our students. It’s not just the knowledge they impart to young minds, but the confidence they install, the guidance they offer and the bonds they create. Being a teacher is not just standing in front of a class—it’s being in a student’s life. And we want to say, “Thank you, Lutheran school teachers!”

You can help us spread the word about our teachers to all Lutheran school families and just as importantly, to families throughout the community that aren’t part of our schools and churches.

If you are able, we invite you to share the link to the video https://www.thelutheranschools.org/teacher-appreciation through your own social media outlets and through email. You can also share the TLSP social posts as you see them.

Also, encourage your school families to share their story on social media. Or just record a quick “thank you.” We’d love to see as many students as possible—past and present—express their thanks in this way. Use the hashtag #ThankYouTLSTeachers and be sure to name your school so we can extend this beyond the video and recognize all of our teachers by name. Thank You!

Watch the video!