TLSP Who's Who 2022

Posted on May 16, 2022 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership - News and Events

The Lutheran Schools Partnership held its annual delegate meeting on May 5 at Concordia Lutheran High School. 16 of 19 schools were represented (30 delegates in all) and conducted the necessary business of TLSP including approving of the 22/23 budget and election of new board members.

The following are the members of the board-

Mogan David - Immanuel Lutheran Church (Decatur), Second term expires 23/24

Robert Myers - Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran Church, First term expires 23/24

Holly Raney - St. Michael Lutheran Church, First term expires 22/23

Tim Walz - St. John Lutheran Church (Kendallville), First term expires 22/23 (Principal Representative)

Brian Bean - Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Re-elected for second term, term expires 24/25

Martin Carbaugh - Concordia Lutheran Church, First term expires 22/23

Heidi Meyers - Concordia Lutheran Church, First term expires 22/23

Davon Bultemeier - St. Peter Lutheran Church (FW), Newly elected, term expires 24/25

Rev. Scott Zeckzer - Emmanuel Lutheran Church (New Haven), Newly elected - term expires 24/25

Rev. Dennis Goff- Holy Cross Lutheran Church (The Lutheran Foundation representative)

All TLSP board members need to be active members of churches who have a school in TLSP. Additional expectations include being an advocate of Lutheran Schools, financially support The Lutheran Schools Partnership and connect TLSP with potential support.

The TLSP BOD and staff thank David Herman (Emanuel, New Haven) and Rev. Roy Olsen (Emmaus) for their work as board members during their two terms on the board. Both David and Rev. Olsen uniquely shard their talents and treasure as active members of the board including being strong advocates in support of TLSP.