Welcome to a New School Year

Posted on Jul 29, 2018 by Mark Muehl - News and Events

The Lutheran Schools Partnership is excited about a new school year and the opportunities that will present themselves. Here is a quick list to share-- Lutheran Night at the Tin Caps is Monday, August 6. It should be a fun night of baseball and celebrating all the Lutheran ministries in our community.
Support of the statewide tax credit program is continuing to grow. While the maximum of $12.5 million ofcredits was not reached this past year, it was still a record year for The Lutheran SGO of Indiana. Total donations tallied over $3 million just in our SGO alone! As this year rolls around, consider your support of TLSGOI and the impact your donation can make for students throughout the state (https://www.lutheransgo.org/forms). And oh by the way, it’ll help make your Indiana taxes less painful too! Take time to welcome all the new folks in your school. For example, TLSP and the Indiana District will welcome new teachers and principals to the region later this week as we share all the great supports that are part of this region. Be it a principal, teacher, pastor, student or family, be sure to let them know they are appreciated and you are happy they are part of your community. What does that mean? A handshake, a casserole, the extra-face-to-face visits, and prayers are all ways to welcome our newcomers into the fold. Alicia Levitt, TLSP’s academic excellence coordinator, has been busy planning out curriculum mapping efforts, planning teacher and administrator training events for the school year and networking with educators and other folks passionate about Lutheran schools. She has a calendar of events all ready to go which has been shared with each school. TLSP has begun work with BIG as our new marketing company. Much planning has been going on over the summer and you will soon see the new products and strategies that will share the contagious spirit of Lutheran schools. While there is plenty of local opposition to it in our community, we at TLSP will continue to support all who have put into place and continue to support School Choice in Indiana. We are thankful that parents are given opportunities to make a choice with this program to place their kids in our Choice schools. What does this mean for us? It’s important to thank our legislators for this program and we encourage each of you as well to tell your Indiana legislators “thank you” for their support of School Choice. It is indeed a parent’s right to choose the best situation for their kids.Oh, there will be and there is more on the TLSP docket but this hits the high points.Thank you for your prayers.