Best Practices

Critical Friend Visits

A Valuable Resource for our SchoolsThis year, the Lutheran Schools Partnership has been doing Critical Friend Visits in six schools to keep academic programs strong and growing. This evaluation process allows a team of 5-7 people, including principals and teachers from other Lutheran schools, to collect data using an observational tool that… Read more »

Lutheran South Unity School Encourages Young Authors

First Grade Teacher Inspires Students Through Writing WorkshopsIn Judith Sabel’s classroom at Lutheran South Unity School, students are hunched over their desks, scribbling out words. Colorful signs remind students to use “sparkly words” and ask questions. These first graders are participating in a writing workshop, learning how to see themselves as authors… Read more »

Critical Friends Can Help Us All

Friends care about and want to help each other. Critical friends want the same things but are not afraid to say what needs to be said to help. The Critical Friend Visit process is designed to support both of these objectives in an educational setting.October was very busy for us at TLSP… Read more »

Meeting specialized needs

Lutheran South Unity School Meets Student Needs Through Enrichment Room Triston Richards, a fourth grader at Lutheran South Unity School, is a kid who loves bugs, animals and science. His mom, Debbie, couldn't believe his ability to identify dinosaurs at a young age. But school hasn't always been easy for Triston.In kindergarten… Read more »

Secret Shoppers for Schools?

Over the years, you have seen my posts about the importance of meeting the Endowment Match Challenge available from The Lutheran Foundation. You have also heard my spiel on the importance of donor relations, proper and prompt gift acknowledgements, following donor intent, etc.Last February, The Lutheran Schools Partnership initiated a "Secret Shopper"… Read more »

Curriculum mapping is taking root

Almost five years ago, TLSP determined it was necessary for our schools to begin the curriculum-mapping process. National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) was going to include this as a requirement for accreditation, and since all our schools were NLSA members, this was a proactive move. An online curriculum-management system was purchased for… Read more »

YouTube's Hidden Gems

Many fans of YouTube enjoy the comedy skits or song clips on a daily basis. Teachers have been using this site for great classroom purposes, too. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite educational channels that don't really feel like you're being educated, but you really are!Reading RainbowAny fan of… Read more »

IMPACT 2015 is almost here!

Every June, TLSP invites teachers and administrators to attend a series of professional-development activities focused on the craft of fostering critical-thinking skills. We call this week "IMPACT: Involving Minds in Problem Analysis and Critical Thinking." This year, I've chosen quotes from fellow educators that sum up what each experience is about:"Technology won't… Read more »

Quiet Learners

I just read a terrific article on characteristics of introverted learners that I felt I had to share with you. If you want to read the full article, please do--it's terrific! One reason I love this article is that after reading it, I think I might be the mother of two introverted… Read more »