Funding the Mission

Thank a Billion, Mr. & Mrs. Volunteer

We recently celebrated Volunteer Week. Please allow me to say Thanks. Thank you. Wow! Great Work! I am guessing that most of you reading this post is, or has been, a volunteer. Maybe it was helping your church decorate for Christmas. Or helping out during Vacation Bible School. Maybe you are an… Read more »

How Does $5 turn into $Billions?

What is the magic formula? Vegas is not involved. And while compound interest is amazing, I am not referring to investment products. I want to talk about the investment of time. Investment in your alumni. Below is the story of a famous entrepreneur whose first gift to their alma mater was $5.00… Read more »

Ask for a Fish

No, not that kind of fish. It may be Lent, but this post is really about the finishing of another great Lenten Book Study by members of our area Lutheran School staff fundraisers and principals. Not everyone attends, and not everyone attends every week, but we did have a dedicated group that… Read more »

Endowments and Rule of 20

My last 2 posts ( and ( focus on estate giving and supporting endowments. I still think endowments are the key to long-term survival for our schools. Without an endowment started today, there may not be a school in 20 years. So, the next question may be, how much should you direct… Read more »

It’s Thrivent Choice Dollars Do or Die Time Again

If you are a Thrivent Financial member, that is, you have investments or certain insurance products, you can direct dollars from Thrivent to approved charities like The Lutheran Schools Partnership or any of our Partner schools and their associated churches. (Of Note: TLSP might be listed as, “The Lutheran Schools Service Organization”… Read more »

The Sweet Spot & Aging Congregations

As I work with the 19 schools in Northeast Indiana, I will often call myself the “Cheerful Giver Evangelist.” Recently, I have added emphasis on the “Sweet Spot.” According to the annual Giving USA Research:Top area of donor support is Religion (Lutherans…)Education is second (this area includes K-12 schools…) Couple these points… Read more »

$10 Billion Lutheran Transfer; Why Wait?

I’m Back! It seems that I have been absent from these weekly posts for The Lutheran Schools Partnership for a few months. We have been busy with December year-end gifts over at The Lutheran SGO of Indiana, and I have been actively posting fundraising training, opinions, and snippets for our fundraising staff-focused… Read more »