Funding the Mission

Giving USA 2019 Report on 2018, Part 1

Every year, Giving USA produces a report on charitable giving in America. The 2019 full report came out about a month ago. Giving USA, the longest-running and most comprehensive report of its kind in America, is published by Giving USA Foundation, a public service initiative of The Giving Institute. It is researched… Read more »

Monday Morning Musings

A few months ago, at the suggestion of John Schoedel, I started sending weekly fundraising sound bites on Monday mornings. Maybe a quote I read recently, perhaps a link to a good article, etc. I send it to our Partner school cohort; those who are responsible for fundraising at area schools. I… Read more »


Clarity turns into Confidence turns into Courage. Pastor Henry Graf has preached on these words several times. That sentence is hard to say three times fast, but after posting those lines on Linkedin recently I realized they have powerful applications for fundraising at our schools and churches.I wear three hats at The… Read more »

Attend Learn & Lead 2019

It's time again for our annual Learn and Lead, a conference for area schools, churches, RSOs, and other faith-based nonprofits. Staff, boards, committees, etc. can all benefit. And you can send staff to one day, both days, or either day. We have discount codes available, so contact us at 260-203-4510 or… Read more »

How Much Are Volunteers Worth?

According to the annual study by Independent Sector, the value of Volunteer Time is $24.69 per hour, up 2.2% from last year. What? This rate, as indicated in the report, “shows the incredible contributions volunteers make to our communities and our country.” And with an estimated 63 million Americans volunteering for … Read more »