Funding the Mission

Maimonides Laws Concerning Gifts to the Poor

Spanish-born philosopher Moses Maimonides (1135-1204), was one of Judaism's most revered rabbis in the Middle Ages. Excerpted from the final chapter of his “Laws Concerning Gifts to the Poor”, Maimonides speaks of eight levels of “tzedakah”, often translated as “charity”. He used the term “levels” to equate to “degrees”, suggesting that the… Read more »

VIP Excitement

COVID19 affected the event date, the location, and the attendee list, but it did not suppress the love of the Lutheran community, its love for freedom and religious liberty, and its love for Lutheran schools! As September 3 drew closer, we at TLSP had reason to be concerned. Would COVID19 fears bring… Read more »

Perhaps the 7 Lean Years are Here

Endowment Definitions: A fund subject to a requirement that the principal is maintained intact and invested to create an ongoing source of income for an organization. Current donations keep the doors open, but endowments build long-term foundations.If you want shade today, plant a tree 20 years ago.Proverbs 30:25: “Ants are creatures of… Read more »

“Without Fear”

The day is drawing closer for TLSP’s inaugural VIP Signature Event, Boldly ad without Fear.”This event will occur in the concourse level of Parkview Field, Thursday, September 3, 2020 from 5:30-9:30 PM. At that time, we will hear from the Rev Dr Gregory Seltz. His message is sure to resonate as he… Read more »

Survive and Thrive

Determining one’s own truth- sexuality, life issues, morality. Who would have ever thought that one would argue about being male and female, challenge the intrinsic value of life itself (in the unborn or aging) or even suggest that reality changes by how one feels from one minute to another? Consistency? Standards? Principles… Read more »