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Be a VIP!

Introducing The Lutheran Schools Partnership’s first ever fundraising event, Very Important Partnerships (VIP). As a reader of this post, you are one of our VIPs as you value Lutheran education and follow the activities of TLSP. As a VIP, we enjoy your support through prayers, interest in TLSP and by attending TLSP… Read more »

FREE SEMINAR - Parenting in a Digital Age

At what age is it okay to give a child a cell phone? What are the effects of screen time on children? What is the truth about social media and young people? How can I promote digital safety with my family? Many parents are asking themselves, and their friends, these questions as… Read more »

Catch The Lutheran Spirit - December Style

“With glowing eyes and a bright smile, a woman approached me after the Children's Christmas Service to say, ‘That was beautiful. The children did a wonderful job of re-telling the Christmas story. This brought back memories of Christmas Services when I was a girl." This is a quote shared by one of… Read more »

The Inspiring Life of Jerry

Christmas Day was a stark reminder that Jesus’ birth was the first step of redeeming the world from sin. Because while we celebrated the New Born King, we Christians always have eyes on Good Friday, knowing full well that the Babe of Bethlehem was the promised Messiah, born to die. This Christmas… Read more »


A second window is now open for families to take advantage of the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program. 15 of our 19 Lutheran schools are in the Indiana Choice Program. These schools provide great opportunities for families to consider for the learning needs of their kids. Interested parents can first take a look… Read more »

Hope in a Hurting World

On August 2nd, teachers and staff new to schools in The Lutheran Schools Partnership were invited to participate in a day of professional development to help them meet some of the requirements set forth for school staff by the State of Indiana. This day of training was filled with topics that aren’t… Read more »

The IT Girls

This Summer, CLHS graduate Hayley Grisez is running her second year of The IT Girls, a technology camp for middle school girls. In spring last year, CLHS tech services director and teacher Scott Storm recommended Hayley for the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) Aspirations in Computing Award and won… Read more »