Quality Education

Wyneken’s Heritage of Faith and Family

A Rich History Defines SchoolWhen Marvin Drier arrived at Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School for his teaching interview, he knew it was a good fit after seeing two things: Mountain Dew and seed corn hats.“When I taught in Chicago I was an abnormality,” Mr. Drier says. “I have a rural heritage. I liked… Read more »

St. Paul’s Fosters Family Atmosphere

Rich Heritage Draws Alumni BackNot all schools can boast a rich heritage of 175 years. St. Paul’s Lutheran School is the oldest continually operating elementary school in Indiana. Because of their long history, there are family and church ties that go back several generations, even among today’s teachers and students.Carla Kleinschmidt’s family… Read more »

Holy Cross Emphasizes Technology

Teacher Encourages Students Through Projects and VideosAt Holy Cross, technology has grown leaps and bounds since Kevin Schroeder came on staff 32 years ago. From early computer games like The Oregon Trail to today’s coding apps, technology continues to evolve, keeping Mr. Schroeder on his toes so he can prepare students to… Read more »

Consensus Curriculum Mapping

Collaborative Mapping Process Supports Teachers and Strengthens SchoolsConsensus mapping is an important process to ensure schools are hitting critical skills in their curriculum through all grades. Lead teachers have been established at each Lutheran school to head up the mapping process and make their curriculum even stronger.Now all teachers can participate in… Read more »

Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

Workshops Sharpen Teaching Skills in Math, Technology, Reading and WritingSummer is the perfect time for teachers to sharpen their skills and get fresh ideas for next year. Cindy McKinney, our academic excellence coordinator, is putting together this year’s IMPACT Conference, professional development workshops that offer educators the chance to expand their instructional… Read more »

Overwhelmed with Gratitude

Bethlehem Lutheran School Helps a Family Facing CancerIn 2012, Angie Mishler got the devastating news that she had cancer. As a mother to four children, she wondered how she would manage this diagnosis and her children’s needs. She struggled with tough decisions, including whether their family could afford to send their oldest… Read more »

Emmaus Helps Family Afford Education

Family Connects Emmaus with Starbase IndianaIn 2011, Heather Dye was a single mom, homeschooling two children and struggling to make ends meet. She wondered how she was going to put food on the table. Heather needed some solutions and knew that sending her son, Lucas, to school would free her up to… Read more »

Computer Students Explore Uses for Raspberry Pi

The Tiny Device Allows Students to Explore Their Creativity and IngenuityIn Scott Storm’s computer science class, students work in groups on projects using a credit card sized device called a Raspberry Pi. It’s a low-cost, tiny computer that can do most things your PC can do, from playing video games to browsing… Read more »

Resource Room Meets Needs at Ascension

Tiffany Herman loves creating a place where kids feel safe and supported. It's this underlying desire that drives Mrs. Herman to make the resource room at Ascension into a supportive environment, where she serves kids of all ability levels.She works at the school partially through the Lutheran Special Education Ministries, an organization… Read more »