Early Childhood Programs at Lutheran Schools: Where Children Grow

At Lutheran Schools, our goal is to set students up for success in kindergarten and beyond with our affordable preschool programs. Our classes inspire creativity and learning in a safe, Christ-centered environment. Through hands-on learning experiences and play, committed teachers and a faith foundation, we’ll nurture your child’s heart, mind, and spirit.

Laying the groundwork for future academic success

Through enriched learning experiences and creative play, our early childhood programs are the building blocks for academic excellence as your students grow. Dedicated staff and teachers work hard to support each child’s needs in order to help them transition well to kindergarten and beyond.

A part of the community, from the very beginning

Thanks to our small school sizes, all kids – from the newest preschooler to veteran students – are known and loved. For preschoolers, this often means having the chance to interact with students of all grades, giving them confidence in relating to children of all ages. For example, some schools have a “family system” in place where older students help preschoolers during chapel periods, helping them understand what is going on and what to do. These experiences are designed to help children learn and grow in a safe, loving community.