'Tis Harvest Time

I was reminded this week that it is near the end of harvest time in Indiana... the familiar sight of combines in the field, often-times using their nighttime lighting gear. TLSP Go G Poster SGO 300x232 What reminded me was a recent gift of crops, what we call "Gifts of Grain," that resulted in a five-figure gift to one of our schools in our family of schools. We have a presentation on our website that was created by an accountant who works often with farmers and knows their financial and tax situations that outlines our Gifts of Grain program (... gifts of soybeans, wheat, cattle…) and how it can help donors who are part of a farming family and have a heart for Lutheran education.Need more information? Contact Jon at 260-203-4509 or info@lutheransgo.org, or see the presentation for yourself here: https://www.lutheransgo.org/downloads/sgo_gog_presentation.pdf.