10 Latest Auction Trends

Posted on Aug 06, 2018 by Jon Dize - Funding the Mission

Auction Season ApproachesFor some people August is the start of the school month… for fundraising staff, it's the start of the fall auction season!As some of our schools look to October through December to operate their dinner/auctions and golf outings, others will start working with their committees and start to plan their spring auctions.Below is a list I found of the "10 Latest Auction Trends" from Red Apple Auctions to help jump-start our schools as they start or continue their planning, along with some [additional notes] from me: Moving the auction to a day other than Friday or Saturday [I find Thursdays as a great alternative] Trying different formats instead of the traditional sit-down dinner auction [some of our schools are trending away from the “rubber-chicken-dinner-auction” and opting for a reception-style meal] Greater sophistication in sponsorships and approach [sponsorships are the key to driving up your total event proceeds]
Altering a traditional layout or venue to meet specific goals [sometimes, moving to another location is all that is needed, or moving the event back to campus as some of our schools have] Changes to Paddle Raisers / Fund a Needs to create more levity and interaction [find that Cheerful Giver] Swapping out traditional auction items [unique, one-of-a-kind, and priceless are the best] A continued shrinking of silent auctions [we have seen several schools shrink their silent auctions and actually raise more money] Using a professional fundraising auctioneer for your auction and paddle raiser [this is a MUST] Investing in the most appropriate technology for your event style [“eBay-type” bidding may not work for your school] Make every guest feel like a VIP [we should be doing this, anyway, right?!]A few times every year, we will schedule a “Special Event Networking Meeting” for volunteer and staff involved in their special event at our 19 schools to meet for lunch, share ideas, and even share horror stories. Want to ensure that your school’s key leaders are invited to these lunches? Contact me at jond@tlspartnership.org and I will add them to the invite list. We will be hosting another one in mid- to late-August before Labor Day.P.S. We also have a 14-step guide to improve your event; let us know if you would like a copy.(photo: Life Magazine)