For the first time, School Choice lives up to its name.

Almost 80% of all Hoosier families now qualify for scholarships that will cover the entire cost of tuition at nearly every local Lutheran school.

What’s new?

A newly passed Indiana state law makes it possible for MANY more families to receive a School Choice Scholarship at the non-public school of their choice. In fact, for many Hoosier families, these scholarships will cover the entire 2022-2023 tuition at nearly every regional Lutheran school.

What’s changed?

Previously, this kind of tuition assistance was only available to a limited number of families. But for families considering a move from a public school to a non-public school, the new legislation greatly expands the income threshold. Many families that were previously ineligible for a School Choice Scholarship will now be eligible—and those that qualify will receive much larger scholarship amounts.

For example, a family of four living in the Fort Wayne Community School district with a gross household income less than $154,012.50a year can now qualify for up to $6,392 a year per child.* That scholarship amount would cover the entire tuition at nearly every regional Lutheran K-8 school and nearly two-thirds the cost of tuition at Concordia Lutheran High School.

What’s next?

The charts below outline the new income eligibility thresholds, based on household size, as well as the scholarship amounts available to Allen County Students. If your total household income falls below these thresholds, you may be eligible for a School Choice Scholarship. To verify your eligibility and available scholarship amount, contact the Lutheran school of your choosing.

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