An Ode to State Taxes: What I Could Have Done

Posted on Apr 25, 2014 by Jon Dize - Funding the Mission - SGO

April 15 has come and gone.And as usual, I was under the gun, To get my tax check written(Or at least the extensions done). I sit and ponder, "Is it possible, to makeThis whole exercise a bit more fun? "Do I try and work less,As I toil away under the Sun? No, that won't do!"That thought is done. "Could I have upped my charity,And make that state tax bill read 'none'"? Well, there was that Lutheran SGO Scholarship thing(The church and school sure promoted it a ton), Where I could support school scholarshipsAnd start building a State Tax Credit from day one. With these funds, the literature states,The schools can afford to teach more kids about the Son. I couldn't believe what I read,Eliminate my state taxes? Help students? How my mind spun. I pledge to call my adviser; write a check!Or online I will run, So that next April 15th,I can exclaim, "This year, we all won!" For more information on how gifts to The Lutheran SGO of Indiana can help fund scholarships and reduce or eliminate your state taxes, visit, email, or call (260) 203-4509.