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Yesterday, the Senate released its budget and we learned that the Senate Appropriations Committee stripped all of the school choice improvements proposed by the House in HB 1001 and HB 1591. Unfortunately, the Senate budget does NOT remove the voucher eligibility tracks, ensure… Read More

Learn & Lead 2023 is set for Thursday and Friday, April 27 & 28 in Fort Wayne at the Busse Alumni Center of Purdue University Fort Wayne. As we did last year, we start at noon on Thursday and end at noon on Friday, giving you the ability to easily pop into the office on… Read More

This is the final post in a series of reflections on the present shortage of church workers. Previous posts shared thoughts about respect and honor, marketing and board impact. This post will continue with thoughts about boards and leadership. As a reminder, all of these topics… Read More

This is the third post reflecting on the present shortage of church workers. Last week’s post shared thoughts about the big idea of respect and honor. The week before we shared ideas about employment experience. This week’s post will consider the impact of boards and church… Read More

Service and vocation are central to the response to the call to faith in Christ. However, lately the notion of service can become trite. So much has been written on servant leadership and humility in leadership that any new blog can fall on deaf ears - or blind eyes! Honor and… Read More

This past week, a group of teachers, administrators and a pastor gathered in TLSP’s ACE Room to consider ways to encourage students to consider church work. Church worker recruitment is an urgent issue in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). While the number of workers… Read More

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