Enrollment grows again for 2012–13

Posted on Oct 08, 2012 by Mark Muehl - News and Events - School Choice

With nearly 200 additional students in attendance during 2012–13, The Lutheran Schools are enjoying increased enrollment for the second straight year.“We’re thrilled with this news and praise God for the gifts these students are for our schools,” says Mark Muehl, director of The Lutheran Schools Partnership. “I think this increase can be attributed to two chief factors,” Muehl says. “First, good words from our families and the marketing efforts of The Lutheran Schools Partnership and our individual schools are paying dividends. Word of mouth and our formal public relations efforts are generating more interest in The Lutheran Schools, prompting additional families to contact us for more information.“Second, the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program—or voucher program—is giving more families the opportunity to enroll their children in our schools, something many of those families wouldn’t have considered in the past,” Muehl adds.Here are some quick facts about this year’s enrollment:An overall increase of 197 students—from 3,649 to 3,846—a 5.4-percent rise.This year’s increase of 197 students follows last year’s increase of 77 students.14 of 18 schools experienced enrollment increases. Two of the four schools that experienced decreases in their enrollments (which were slight) have admissions counselors and have gone through a transition of having new admissions counselors in the last six months.There are 340 voucher students, 226 of them new to The Lutheran Schools.