Flexing their faith

Posted on Jun 20, 2011 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership - News and Events - Quality Education

Lutheran elementary students provide a big boost to a ministry helping children in India.
Over the past year, students at the 18 elementary schools in northeast Indiana served by The Lutheran Schools Partnership joined forces to raise $13,841.30 to help support Bethania Kids, a Christian mission in India.“This is just a small portion of the various ways students of our elementary schools and Concordia Lutheran High School flex their faith muscles in gratitude to Christ for His lavish love on us,” says Mark Muehl, director of The Lutheran Schools Partnership. “In Matthew 25:40, we’re told that whatever we do for those in need, for those most vulnerable, we do for Him. “Jesus’ words to us are reminders that care for our neighbors—wherever they may be—is an outgrowth of the faith given to each of us,” Muehl says. “Important to the growth of each student within The Lutheran Schools Partnership are opportunities for them to express their faith and provide tangible means of service.”Located in the states of Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh in southeastern India, Bethania Ministries is currently involved in three strategic interventions that benefit children: • To provide loving, nourishing homes for orphans in Bethania Kids Homes. The goal is to educate children who are orphaned, abandoned, and abused; to give them a chance to better themselves in life; and to learn about the love of God. • To care for children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities in nonresidential and residential Bethania Rehabilitation Centers for the Disabled. C.S.I. Rehabilitation Centre in Kodaikanal ministers to children stricken with cerebral palsy, polio, and mental disabilities. Speech, hearing, and visual impairments are also addressed. • To provide immunizations, basic care, and education through day care and after-school care for impoverished children in Bethania Kids Centers. All the children in these care centers come from poverty-stricken families with both parents working as day laborers. Without the centers, these kids would be roaming the streets with no adult supervision, getting into trouble and forming bad habits.Although always sensitive to the beliefs and practices of the people in the region, Bethania Kids offers Christian discipleship and an opportunity to come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.If you’d like to join the students of The Lutheran Schools Partnership in this important ministry, go to http://bethaniakids.org.