Focus on fundamentals

Posted on Aug 21, 2015 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership - Quality Education

While the greatest game ever devised by man continues to offer excitement into October (uh, yeah ... that's baseball), football is also knocking on the door of my attention.So, I make my daily contact with and peruse the latest PR from the greatest sports team on earth, the Green Bay Packers. This week, reading through the daily "Ask Vic" column, I read this:"If you focus your team on fundamentals early in the season, you can open the playbook late in the season and go to a higher level. Blocking and tackling first, scheme second. That's how you peak a team."Ah yes, Vince Lombardi would have loved that quote!Does the notion of focusing on fundamentals resonate with your school? What are the fundamentals that are part and parcel of the halls and classrooms of your school? Selfless love for one another? Respect for adults and classmates? Hard work that creates strong character?What about your home? What are the fundamentals of your parenting? Similar to the list above?Last year when Tim Elmore was here, he cautioned adults about various pitfalls in parenting, and many of the same pitfalls might be encountered at school. Summarized, his warning was to avoid making kids the center of attention. Take some time to read his blog on this. It's not the heresy that you may think!So what are your fundamentals? If we define fundamentals as something essential for life, may I suggest the following? Life in Christ has a reality and impact that permeates all that one does and thinks. What God has shared in the Bible provides peace and understanding in a confused, sin-sick world. Always wear "eternal perspective" glasses. Christ's love for me, demonstrated on the cross, calls me to love my neighbor in both word and action. If I am to be the "temple" that is described in the Bible, I need to stay connected to Christ through His Word, His Sacraments and prayer. I need to take care of myself: body, mind and spirit.What do your fundamentals look like? Does your school share similar fundamentals? How do your actions reflect these fundamentals?I look forward to your responses!