For You.

Posted on Apr 15, 2019 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership

It’s personal, isn’t it? It’s not glitzy. It’s not novel in any way.

But “for you” are two simple words that make it clear what Jesus is all about and what Holy Week demonstrates.

If there is any doubt of Jesus selflessness or any doubt about his total fulfillment of all things for us, then be sure to pay close attention to Holy Week.

Holy Week is filled with “for you.”

He washed his disciples feet for you to intimately demonstrate service and humility.

He shared His Supper on Maundy Thursday in a “for you” that is personal and directed right at hopeless sinners. It’s a communion with the heavenly hosts. Most of all, it’s communion with the Savior.

Peter denies Jesus, just like you deny the Lord...and then confess that we are sinners, too. As Peter is forgiven, so are we. For Peter, for you.

That Good Friday cross is for you; and it is not pretty. There’s no pleasure seeing Jesus’ agony and the cruelty toward Him. The whole betrayal and trial adds to the misery. It hurts. But the “for you” that Jesus experienced for you is one you want no part of! You don’t want to know the reality of how sin separates from God. Jesus was forsaken for you (“My God my God, why have you forsaken me”).

The biggest “for you?” Love to the fullest. His life given up to give you life- here and in eternity. And followed with the reality of victory- over sin, over death, over Satan. Easter joy, Easter peace.

This week in Lutheran schools and in their churches, Holy Week is being celebrated. It’s not a remembrance, or a series of ceremonies. This week is all “for you” coming from our Savior for us to share with a world that needs to know that God has done it all “for you.” Through the retelling of the Gospel story, the Holy Week walk of our Savior, teachers and pastors directly share Jesus’ passion in our schools.

Our collective witness is important. Our individual witness through our statements of faith and our traveling to worship all say to our friends and neighbors that something special is going on “for you.” The “for yous” of the week started with replies of Hosanna. The week will end with the ultimate “for you” and we will respond with Hallelujah.

A blessed Holy Week to you.