Four ways that SGOs skyrocketed in 2013-14

Posted on Aug 05, 2014 by Jon Dize - Funding the Mission - SGO

The SGO program in Indiana, a.k.a. the School Tax Credit Program, blew off the charts in 2013-14, nearly running out of available credits. Students all over Indiana benefited from charitable giving to scholarships that was encouraged by a generous 50-percent state tax credit. What were the results for The Lutheran SGO of Indiana?1. Total donationsNearly $1,500,000 was donated to the funds of schools participating in our SGO program, 475 percent more than the previous year.2. Total donationsYep, we meant to use the same title. Last year, 1,000 donations were received, a nearly 350-percent increase over 2012-13.3. Total scholarshipsThis is the reason we're here! More than 1,300 students received SGO scholarships during 2013-14, over 300 percent more than the previous year.4. Total scholarshipsYou're catching on now! While in 2012-13 more than $200,000 was distributed in scholarships, in 2013-14 more than $1 million was distributed to students wanting to attend one of our schools, a 400-percent increase.Where do we go from here? Upward, of course! We're already receiving twice as many donations in the "usually slow" month of July as compared with last July, so the race is on to claim those credits! Cheerful Givers are increasingly experiencing the joy of giving, of supporting education, and of making a quality, Christian education a reality for students everywhere.Have questions? Visit, email us, or call us at (260) 203-4509.