Get Out the Word!

Posted on Jan 22, 2018 by Mark Muehl - Quality Education to help others grow their God-given gifts! It’s time to let your friends and neighbors know that Lutheran schools are there for them. We are eager to share opportunities to grow their child's gifts, gifts that are given by our gracious God. We also are eager to remind parents that those kids of theirs are most precious in God’s sight and that He sent His very Son for each of them.The 18 elementary Lutheran Schools and Concordia Lutheran High School represent more than 4,000 students across northeast Indiana! With so many options available, there’s a right fit for most any child!If you’re talking about your Lutheran school, and money becomes a topic, remember to share the availability of tuition assistance, SGO grants, and Indiana Choice Scholarships to help make the Lutheran schools affordable.You know the commitment to Christian education that we have. Help others discover why Hoosier parents have been choosing Lutheran schools for more than 175 years!