Half of SGO State Tax Credits Remain

Posted on Oct 24, 2016 by Jon Dize - SGO

The Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) of Indiana raises funds from individuals and businesses to provide scholarship funds to all eligible students wanting to attend an Indiana Lutheran School. With a donation to the SGO of Indiana, donors can help fund scholarships—and receive a state tax benefit. The state of Indiana puts a cap on the amount of credits that can be applied each year. Once the cap amount is reached, no more credits are available until next July.

As of October 17, 2016, half the SGO tax credits have been "shaved off"! $4.8 million in credits have been used, with $4.6 million remaining. By comparison, last year the halfway point was reached in mid-December.

The 51 schools participating in the SGO program have raised a collective $1.2 million as of October 17, 2016, with $80,000 in donations submitted in one day! Still wondering if donating to the Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) is right for you?A. Do you have a heart for Lutheran education, and for providing scholarships for those wanting a Christian education from one of our schools?B. Are you interested in eliminating state taxes for yourself or your business?If you say “yes” to A and B, consider making that donation before Thanksgiving.Once again, the state of Indiana puts a limit on the state tax credits, and we fully expect the credits to be gone before Christmas! If you wait too long, you will miss out on the process for this tax year and you will need to wait until July 1, 2017 to once again be eligible for a state tax benefit.Please go towww.LutheranSGO.orgfor all the information you will need. Jon at 260-203-4509 can answer any questions you might have about this opportunity to invest in Lutheran education and our Lutheran schools. Image: Time-Life