Halfway There… Living on Prayer!

Posted on Oct 20, 2017 by Jon Dize - SGO

My apologies to Bon Jovi (and now that song will be stuck in your head for the next hour), but the SGO credits are now ½ gone…
… or for those “the glass is ½ full people” out there, we still have ½ of the SGO credits available…... When the available set of SGO credits were increased to $12.5 million this July, we wondered if the credits would stick around longer. Now we have the answer: last year on October 17 the credits were 1/2 depleted. How does this translate for this year? Last year on October 17 $4.75 million in credits were gone This year on October 18 $6.25 million in credits are gone $1.5 million more credits gone at the same time of the year equals either more donors are participating, or existing donors are donating more, or a combination of both.When will the credits run out? With these current stats, we again say, "it depends... but probably by December 15." The end result? Don't delay: if you plan to support SGO scholarships we suggest not waiting until after Thanksgiving.And regarding the "Living on Prayer" part of the title, that is ultimately why we do what we do; providing quality, Christian education where the Word of God is taught and families are prayed for daily... daily for nearly 180 years in Indiana since the founding of St. Paul's Lutheran School in Fort Wayne through today with new school starts like Ascension Lutheran School in Gary.Yes, we are living on Prayer. And with your prayers and support, our schools will have the scholarship funds needed to meet the need for families that might otherwise not be able to attend their schools.P.S. We received a gift of stock back in August without any donor information… if you donated stock but never received your official letter from us, contact Jon or Lynn at info@lutheransgo.org / 260-203-4509 so that we can capture those credits for you before they are gone. Picture credit: Google Images