It has to be said this week

Posted on Oct 28, 2019 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit

While Christians of all types fight side by side for religious liberty, conscience and life issues, there remains a basic truth that distinguishes. The truth of the Reformation still stands. We are justified for Christ's sake, apart from our works, apart from the works of any saints. It is Christ alone.

The centurion stands at the foot of the cross and confesses, "Surely this man was righteous." There is no one righteous, no not one, except for our Lord Jesus. So it happened upon the cross that our Lord was forsaken by his own Father; he was judged guilty that we might be pardoned. He received the verdict that rightly belonged to us.

Christ's crucifixion does more than open the doors of grace, or the spigots that we might drink in the grace that comes from various means, even from God himself. When we say Christ is our righteousness, we confess that the free gift of grace was won for us by Christ's obedience, by his suffering and death. Yes, Christ earned for us salvation, and it is the righteousness of our Lord that is credited to our account. It is a gift of faith. Sin, the sinful flesh, remains, until that day when we die, and the old man is buried never to be raised again.

The great truth of the Reformation remains today, even as God's Word remains forever.

Why speak to this on The Lutheran Schools communication means? Because this is what makes us distinctive. This is what makes the Lutheran alternative to public schools or any non-public alternative. When kids and families come to Lutheran schools, they hear the life saving word of the Gospel.

Our schools have fewer kids in them this year. It’s disappointing. Kids and families would be healthier, stronger, and look to a lasting future if they were exposed to the Gospel of Christ every day. This message is a message of peace This message is one for the ages. This message provides counsel for the future. Why would one choose to avoid this daily message? Why would a parent NOT allow children 7 hours exposure to Jesus for 5 days a week?

Christ alone. It’s what we all need. It’s what the Reformation is all about.

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