It’s Thrivent Choice Time Again!

Posted on Mar 07, 2019 by Jon Dize - Funding the Mission

If you are a Thrivent Financial member, that is, you have investments and certain insurance products, you can direct charitable dollars to approved charities. Both The Lutheran Schools Partnership and The Lutheran SGO of Indiana can receive those donations.

But you have to decide before March 31, or you lose those dollars to direct! (if mailing, you have until March 17; if by phone, March 29; online is March 31.)

Attached below are the directions for directing dollars in the various options. Just one office of Thrivent told us today that there is over $40,000 available to distribute just from their clients alone!

FREE MONEY to benefit schools, scholarships, and families. And if so inclined -- distribute the funds to your church -- just don’t let those free dollars go bye-bye.