Life in Christ Cares

Posted on Jan 14, 2019 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership

Life month has other implications for life in Christ.

Consider the notion of man as the crown of creation. The crown of creation is humankind and all are made in His image- Christians and non-Christians. Though damaged through our parents’ sin in the Garden of Eden, the image of God has its influence on the whole concept of Luther’s use of “neighbor.”

Jesus said we are to love our neighbor. In his article, “Martin Luther on Vocation and Serving Our Neighbors,” Gene Edward Veith concludes, “God is hidden in vocation. Christ is hidden in our neighbors.” The point- as we serve as leaders in our schools, as we participate in Lutheran schools, we play out various vocations. But as we do, our treatment, our attitude, our planning and even policies and procedures should demonstrate a living out of love of our neighbor. In a day where we are often placed into a defensive posture for our schools, its beliefs, and its staff, we have a command to love our neighbor and love in ways driven by God’s grace in our own undeserving lives.

How does this tension affect admission policies? How does this affect discipline processes that bring removal from enrollment? How does “the image of God” affect the contentious colleague? How does one show love to a parent who is not desiring a loving relationship but instead a defense of their child’s actions and words...or maybe even their own actions and words? This side of heaven, it’s difficult to live out perfect love. However, as Paul says we “eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness” and are “working through love.” (Galatians 5)