Living My Dream

Posted on Oct 26, 2020 by Mark Muehl - Quality Education

When’s the last time you said this?

When we’re young, we do a lot of dreaming. We considered the impossible and thought it possible. We looked at the world without the scars of past mistakes and dove into the world without pause or without considering cost.

What was your dream? Are you living it now?

In the TLSP interview with our teacher of the year, Chris Murphy, he shared, “I’m living my dream.” His dream? Teaching algebra and doing theater. Take those mediums and emphasize relationships with kids and sharing faith and you have Chris’s dream.

When Chris was just getting into teaching, he was asked if he could get respect as a teacher. Taken back by the question and reflecting on it, Chris shares the influence of teaching and being a Lutheran school teacher. He doesn’t talk about prestige or notoriety. In fact, Chris was quite humbled by the teacher of the year award.

The things that Chris reflected on centered on giving back, on sharing faith in Christ, and building relationships. Pondering “giving back,” Chris remembered teachers who gave of themselves. Reflecting on sharing faith, he spoke about praying with students, a confident witness of God’s grace in his own life and showing and receiving mercy. Chris emphasized that relationships take time and for relationships to grow, time has to be planned. Building relationships for Chris looks like text messages, lunch meetings, and staying in touch with alumni.

Take time to listen to the interview with Chris. Thank God for Chris and all our Lutheran school teachers. In a time where there are a lot of distractions to growing up and growing in faith, it's a pleasure to listen to the commitment and faith of a faithful teacher.

Click here for the interview with Chris.