Lutheran Spirit - Generosity

Posted on Sep 10, 2018 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership - Lutheran Spirit

Ten years ago, Woodburn Lutheran School’s enrollment was 53.In 1718, enrollment was 122.
10 years ago, there was no 7th and 8th grade at WLS. Last year, 23 boys and girls made up the 7th and 8th grade.There’s plenty to be thankful for the churches of Zion and Christ. Their school is attracting a diverse group of Christians as the bold message of Christ crucified is shared with kids and families.But another sign of the Spirit that has caught on at WLS happens at Roemke Farms in September. For years, Mark and Carol Roemke host Woodburn's Blue and White Night, the annual benefit auction for Woodburn Lutheran School.Fancy? No this is not a high-brow event.Expensive? Not for tickets, but this year’s prime rib tasted expensive!Worth every minute invested? Absolutely.Talk to those who spearhead this annual event and you’ll catch the Spirit - Lutheran Spirit.Superheroes (a theme of this year’s Blue and White Night) are all around this event. Sandy Kammeyer was involved in the initial WLS fundraiser 14 years ago. That event, with a matching gift opportunity, (raised money) was for windows. This year’s event, with a matching opportunity from The Lutheran Foundation, (raised money) was for endowment growth and various operational supports. When talking to Sandy, you know she has the Spirit. She’s been helping with the event for years. “I believe it’s so important that all of our children know their Lord,” says Sandy. It’s that motivation that tirelessly helps her and the committee make a great event.Mogan David is not a member of either association church. His kids go to St. Peter-Immanuel and CLHS. But there sits Mogan, helping out with registration and check-out. Why? Because Lutheran schools mean that much to he and his wife, plusthe Lutheran community has demonstrated its love through support of SPI’s auction. “Sandy and Mark (Roemke) showed me Lutheran Spirit by supporting our school and its event so this is my chance to share the Spirit and support their Lutheran school,” said Mogan.Roemkes? Mark and Carole Roemke are about as passionate about Lutheran education as a couple can be. Mark is quick to say events like this are for the kids - his kids are fifth generation at WLS. No doubt, these fundraisers help support the day to day efforts of the superheroes who work with students every day. But Mark also is quick to tell you, Lutheran schools share Jesus. “Lutheran schools teach about Jesus. There is nothing more important than that,” says Mark.This Lutheran Spirit springs generosity. This year’s total (expenses need to be covered) will be about $100,000! Nearly $20,000 was donated simply by asking.The time, the planning, the scheduling, the donations, the folks who showed up....generosity is obvious. That’s what happens when we get out of the way and let the Gospel make superheroes out of ordinary people and make rather ordinary efforts become extraordinarily generous. WLS kicked off the year’s fundraising efforts for Lutheran schools. Hopefully you have or will catch Lutheran Spirit this year and find out the excitement (and generosity) of Lutheran Spirit.