Lutheran Spirit-School Spirit

Posted on Oct 04, 2018 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit - Quality Education

“We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how about you?” That cheer dates me, for sure, but it is still true in our Lutheran Schools. As I write, Homecoming Week at Concordia Lutheran High School has just ended.Walking the hallways last week, I had a fun challenge trying to figure out what the theme of each dress-up day was. One day, I saw one studentdressed like a cowboy, one teacher in a Frenchman’s attire, and one student in a Hawaiian shirt. Of course, it was Salad Dressing Day, with Western, French, and Thousand Island dressings represented. Very clever!
Most, if not all, of our schools celebrate spirit week(s) sometime during the school year, with many of them being during National Lutheran Schools Week in January. However, school spirit is something that permeates our buildings throughout the year, and in many ways.The feelings of belonging and school pride and the traditions we embrace are all a part of school spirit. Those are wonderful things, and we want our students to feel that they are a part of a close and caring school family. We honor the traditions of our churches and schools, and we find new ways to celebrate what makes us unique. Students in our Lutheran Schools wear their school colors as part of their uniforms, as they represent their school in athletics, and when they attend school events. Their parents buy t-shirts, bags, and sports gear in the school colors, and wear them proudly. One thing that sets our Lutheran Schools apart is the fact that much of our spirit wear is emblazoned with Scripture. I love seeing students from our schools out in the community proudly wearing their school colors, and exhibiting their faith.I also love seeing the many different vehicle decals from our schools. My children and I notice them often as we drive around the area. We know even from a distance whether a car belongs to a family from Concordia High School, Emmaus, Wyneken, or Ascension. It is fun to see how many Lutheran School families are out and about among us. We have a sense of shared pride in our Lutheran Schools, too.However, our identity does not come from being an Eagle, Charger, Phoenix, or Cub. We have the unique opportunity to help students understand their identity in Christ. Our students know that they are a part of their school family, but more importantly, they are part of the family of Christ. They are children of God, dearly loved and forgiven. Now that is something for which we can always cheer! Photos from Concordia High School Homecoming, taken from Facebook 10/4/2018