Lutherans Nominated for Foellinger Foundation Stewardship Award

Posted on Oct 19, 2015 by Jon Dize - Christian Leadership - News and Events - SGO

For the past 9 years, the Foellinger Foundation has encouraged nonprofits in Allen County to nominate an outstanding board member for the annual Stewardship Award.All nominees are recognized in various news media and at a special luncheon and awards ceremony in October. The Foundation will then chose one winner from the dozens of nominees, with the recipient's organization will receive a Foellinger Foundation grant of $15,000 for operating support and up to $10,000 for special board development training.This year The Lutheran Schools Partnership nominated board member John Weber. John, currently serves as the Director of Advancement for Central Lutheran School, is nearing the end of his second term at TLSP and has promoted us through his utilization of the services of the organization, his dedication to the organization in time and talents, and in his public support of the organization. His shared vision of TLSP with the executive director is a treasured encouragement for the growth of the organization.
In addition, The Lutheran SGO of Indiana was eligible for the first time to nominate a board member and chose Eric Trauner, its Secretary/Treasurer. Eric is valued for his ability to succinctly state the obvious while also expressing candor toward worrisome situations. Some of his favorite phrases heard around the board table are: "Let's address the elephant in the room...", "... to avoid the Johnny-come-lately...", "Don't want to be front-page news", among others. The Lutheran SGO board values his objective and open review of operational activities.
Please join me in congratulating these two distinguished leaders. Our Lutheran nominees exemplify the highest standards of board service and stewardship, as identified by BoardSource's Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards: Determine mission and purpose. Select the chief executive. Support and evaluate the chief executive. Ensure effective planning. Monitor and strengthen programs and services. Ensure adequate financial resources. Protect assets and provide financial oversight. Build a competent board. Ensure legal and ethical integrity. Enhance the organization's public standing.Read more about the award and see the list of past winners, at We encourage your school or nonprofit to nominate an outstanding board member next year.Helping advance Lutheran education,Jon Dize