Media campaign under way

Posted on Feb 15, 2011 by Mark Muehl - News and Events

The Lutheran Schools Partnership has launched a multifaceted media campaign aimed at raising awareness of The Lutheran Schools and the outstanding benefits they offer to students and their families. The campaign will run now until the end of December and include advertisements on television, radio, and Facebook. The campaign is aimed specifically toward women with school-age children—late preschool through early high school. “We hope to attract families from the broadest spectrum, Lutherans and non-Lutherans alike,” says Mark Muehl, director of The Lutheran Schools Partnership. “Inclusiveness is a hallmark of The Lutheran Schools.“We know that many parents are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of education found in public schools,” Muehl continues. “And we think that many of those parents will be drawn to the stability and strong academic and behavioral standards found in The Lutheran Schools.”Cable television—Comcast and Frontier—is the campaign’s primary medium. Those two systems reach approximately 85,000 households in Allen County and additional families in surrounding counties. Spots extolling The Lutheran Schools will also be seen on public television, WFWA PBS39.Advertising for The Lutheran Schools can also be found on Facebook, the popular social-networking website. The ads include links that bring users here to The Lutheran Schools website and the Facebook page. In addition, the campaign will include 30-second spots on local radio stations.“We believe that we’ll achieve a nice media balance in our campaign that will provide the best exposure to our target audience,” Muehl says. “And we believe that when parents see what The Lutheran Schools have to offer, they’ll be impressed.”