Mobile Beacon grant provides technology for four Lutheran schools

Posted on Dec 05, 2011 by Mark Muehl - Funding the Mission - News and Events - Quality Education

The Lutheran Schools Partnership has received a grant from Mobile Beacon, a Rhode Island organization that provides fourth-generation (4G) mobile broadband services exclusively to education and nonprofit entities across the United States. Four Partnership schools—Ascension Lutheran School, Holy Cross Lutheran School, Lutheran South Unity School, and St. Paul’s Lutheran School—were selected to each receive 10 laptops and a mix of modem connections, including mobile hotspots, USB modems, and portable modems, and a year of Internet service with a total value of more than $40,000. “We’re ecstatic that four of our Partnership schools will be benefitting from this grant,” says Mark Muehl, director of The Partnership. “Our schools emphasize the need for technology, but the current economic realities are limiting budgets. These computers are coming at a great time.“The Lutheran Schools Partnership serves 17 northeast Indiana Lutheran elementary schools and Concordia Lutheran High School,” adds Muehl. “The Partnership does not exercise authority in the administration of the partner schools; instead, its fundamental purpose is to raise the profile of Partnership schools by developing a systematic approach to implementing best practices within three Strategic Imperatives: Communication, Academic Excellence, and Advancement. By applying to Mobile Beacon on behalf of our Partner schools, we were able to build a comprehensive request.”As a bonus, Holy Cross was selected to receive a new school-security monitoring system. “After the regular school day, the Holy Cross campus is used for many activities when close supervision isn't always there, and the addition of cameras will greatly enhance that supervision,” says Muehl.“Broadband creates tremendous opportunities for schools and students alike,” says Katherine Messier, director of broadband services for Mobile Beacon. “In fact, the Federal Communications Commission noted that broadband has greater potential to transform education than any other technological innovation in our lifetime.“Our grant donation programs were designed to help schools use broadband to meet targeted needs, such as increasing security and providing additional learning opportunities to disadvantaged or at-risk students who may not have access to computers or the Internet at home,” Messier adds. “Our hope is that this grant enables schools to immediately start using this technology to serve their most at-need students.”For more information, contact The Lutheran Schools Partnership at (260) 241-4845 or, or visit the website at more information about Mobile Beacon, visit