More than a Reminder - For you.

Posted on Apr 15, 2022 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit

"The most important phrase in the world is a mere two words: for you. That there is a God means little; that he is for you means everything. That Jesus was crucified is a tragedy; that he was crucified for you is the best news imaginable. The phrase 'for you' assumes the presence of a noun: love. And it is that divine love--a love for you--that makes all the difference in the world."- Chad Bird

It’s personal in a way but not in a trendy, Americanized Christian way. It’s not a “I’ve come to know..” personal kind of way. It’s not my “authentic” experience with God.

As this Holy Week reaches its pinnacle, we find it filled with “for you.” I taste and see that the Lord is good as I join the redeemed in His Supper on Maundy Thursday. “For you” is personal, directed right at this hopeless sinner and lifted from the chaos of 2022 to enjoy His presence and his forgiveness.

This “for you” joins me with Peter that even though I have denied my Lord more times than I am aware, Jesus forgiveness and His command to “feed my lambs” is also for me.

That Good Friday cross is for me; but I don’t like to look at it. I don’t like to see the agony and the cruelty. But the “for you” I don’t want to get too close to is the reality of how sin separates me from my God. Jesus was forsaken for me; I’m so indebted.

But the biggest “for you?” Love to the fullest. His life, to give me life - here and in eternity. Easter joy, Easter peace.

This week in our schools and in our churches, Holy Week has been and is being celebrated. It’s not a remembrance, or a series of ceremonies. This week is all “for you” coming from our Savior for us to share with a world that needs to know that God has done it all “for you.” Through the retelling of the Gospel story, the Holy Week walk of our Savior, teachers and pastors directly share Jesus’ passion in our schools.

Our collective witness is important. Our individual witness through our statements of faith and our traveling to worship all say to our friends and neighbors that something special is going on “for you.” Be sure to let them know it’s all for them too.

God’s Peace to you!