Natalie Reynolds, 2022 Educator of the Year: “This is my Calling”

Posted on Sep 19, 2022 by Jon Dize - Lutheran Spirit - News and Events - Quality Education

Last Saturday the 17th, we hosted nearly 300 people at our 3rd Annual VIP Event where we celebrated our Very Important Partnerships and gathered to STAND for our schools in Northeast Indiana.

While we will provide an update on the event next week, today we are celebrating a Very Important Person, educator Natalie Reynolds from Lutheran South Unity School in Fort Wayne. Natalie is our 2022 Educator of the Year award recipient and is both the Music and Art teacher for grades K-8 at Lutheran South Unity School.

As is usually the case with our award winners, Natalie does so much more than her job title at the school: she runs the musicals, the Christmas service, and the end-of-year events. She is in charge of setting up their devotions and chapel services and helps with extended care when needed. Natalie is also involved at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in music, altar guild, Bible study, and women's activities. As someone noted in their nomination of Natalie, she is “ALWAYS the first to jump in and respond with a helping hand.”

You can watch the award video featuring Natalie that we premiered at Saturday’s event here. In her own words, Natalie says “This is what I was called to do.” She notes the importance of mentor teachers who helped her along the way, and explains the importance of embracing change and making things exciting for “both you and for your students.” Last, Natalie stresses the importance of faith; being in the Word so that you can share the Word in all that you do.

Additionally, those that work with Natalie sing her praises: “She loves what she does and is always looking for new ideas to teach the students. She is a great support to others. Having such a strong music and art program at our school impacts our students. It gives many the opportunity to use gifts and talents and develop them. Many of our students have gone onto Concordia High School and have been involved in the choir and band programs.” They note how she “connects with the students in areas where they have an opportunity to shine.”

We are thankful for our VIP Natalie Reynolds as she uses her gifts and talents to His glory daily at Lutheran South Unity School.