One More Time.

Posted on Apr 24, 2023 by Mark Muehl - News and Events - School Choice

Over the years, school choice advocates have tried hard to widely and effectively share the need for school choice- its value, its opportunity, its sensibility.

Over those same years, I’ve personally had the opportunity to sit in the offices, go to roundtables, visit on phone calls and text our state’s legislators. I’ve found them to be “all in” for Indiana and for values that have stood the test of time. I’m thankful for their conservative nature and the way Indiana stands firm even in this era of antagonizing the truth and pushing philosophies that are harmful for kids and families.

There is no question that parents deserve a say in shaping their children’s education; parents have a moral and legal responsibility for their children. They should have the freedom to make fundamental decisions for their families. It’s disappointing that those who are against parent choice and school choice get frustrated with these rights and responsibilities. It saddens me to view the videos with Indiana school administrators proudly accounting their deception to parents. It frustrates me that school boards would send reading lists to their parents supporting doctrines and practices that are harmful to individuals and to a peaceful community. However, I’m thankful to be part of schools where parents and congregation members are the board members. Talk about accountability! Parents of the school are the leaders of the school.

Last week, the Indiana Senate submitted a budget that stripped common sense expansions to school choice (not just my opinion but others as well). At a time when several states are expanding school choice through universal vouchers for all parents to choose a school, the Indiana Senate seemed to move in the opposite direction. It just doesn’t make sense; going backwards with school choice does not make sense in a state that has led the nation with school choice opportunities.

Please accept this encouragement to take action. This is not an “ask” for you to do something outrageous. It’s not calling on you to do anything that is controversial. Just act, perform your civic duty and make your voice heard.

When I first dipped my toe into school choice many years ago (most of our schools have chosen to be choice scholarship recipients), I was told that once school choice would be law, active engagement was necessary. Constant defense of school choice would be needed. Voices would need to be heard.

When I consider the 15 choice scholarship schools within TLSP, it’s a no-brainer for me to text Rep. Carbaugh or Rep. Heine, message Sen. Busche or Sen. Johnson and share my thoughts with Sen. Brown. There is no magic mantra to share

- it’s simply my encouragement to each of them to be firm in their convictions (convictions that brought their election), that I am praying for them and that their support for school choice, for parent choice, is making a difference in the lives of kids and families.

I hope you will join me. There is hope at the statehouse. Let’s make our voices known.

If you are eager to help but a bit hesitant on how or what to say, head to and scroll down to the present campaign. Our friends at INPEA are a strong partner with TLSP.