Open Houses Sunday, January 27

Posted on Jan 21, 2019 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit

Most of the region’s Lutheran schools will host open houses next Sunday, January 27. From noon-3, schools around the region will open their doors to welcome interested folks to their buildings to share the good news about Lutheran schools.

You can help make these open houses successes.

1- Invite your friends and neighbors. As our advertising themes address, Lutheran schools are probably close by making them a neighborhood school AND Lutheran schools are welcoming of any background.

2- Share through social media. Facebook is the most common social media tool and The Lutheran Schools is right there for you to “like.”

Go ahead and like the page AND then share out the Open House event.

3- Volunteer. Check with your school’s administration to see how you may be able to help out. Lots of happy faces make for a welcoming environment for our visitors to enjoy.

Wondering about how to start a conversation about our schools? Consider these radio ads we are sharing this year. These may provide needed topics that can help you open the conversation.

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Tuition Assistance

Lutheran and Welcoming

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