Promoting Lutheran Schools

Posted on Jan 16, 2023 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit - Quality Education

While many of our schools are advertising kindergarten round-up and open houses as well as encouraging early registration for present families, The Lutheran Schools Partnership (TLSP) is promoting Lutheran Schools throughout the region to help parents realize that Lutheran School options are probably nearby.

Starting in January, TLSP has a host of strategies in place...and you can help assure your neighbor is invited to our Lutheran Schools.

In Google searches and local sites, keywords will direct the a web user to an opportunity to head to These keywords include private school, Lutheran school, Christian school and school choice. On the website, The Lutheran Schools has a Find a School option - all of our Lutheran Schools in Northeast Indiana are listed.

Also, two weeks per month now through April, we will have advertising on Pandora and Spotify.

Three weeks a month, now through April we will be advertising on 95.1, 93.3, 98.9, 102.3, 107.0, 88.3 and 97.3.

Keep your ears tuned to hear the Lutheran Schools messages on your favorite station or streaming service and when you hear the ads, crank up the volume and make sure everyone around you hears the ad! And then be ready to follow up with your personal invitation.

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising, so thanks for doing your part in sharing the good news about Lutheran Schools.