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Last Saturday the 17th, we hosted nearly 300 people at our 3rd Annual VIP Event where we celebrated our Very Important Partnerships and gathered to STAND for our schools in Northeast Indiana. While we will provide an update on the event next week, today we are celebrating a… Read More

Progress Partners Coaching launches in FW Schools By Elizabeth Hoham for The Fort Wayne Lutheran and TLSP One of the most thrilling moments for teachers is often called the “Ah-ha” moment: when a concept clicks with a student, and he or she “gets it.” The lightbulb goes off, and… Read More

Lutheran teachers and principals make a difference. That’s a statement that has been used to encourage the value of Lutheran Schools but more importantly to encourage those incredible folks who commit themselves to teaching the faith. It’s a tremendous responsibility to be a… Read More

I see you!

Posted on Jun 13, 2022 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership - News and Events - Quality Education

Toddlers love to be noticed. They love affirmation. They love attention. They test their actions against the reactions of smiles, correction and praise to determine what is acceptable and what is not. As we get older, recognition is still needed. Sometimes we err in not… Read More

The Lutheran Schools Partnership has awarded its 2022 Educator of the Year Award to Mrs. Natalie Reynolds of Lutheran South Unity School (LSUS) in Fort Wayne. Mrs. Reynolds teaches Art and Music to the students at Lutheran South Unity, but she does so much more. In the words… Read More

Congratulations to the following educators who were nominated by their peers and parents of students for the 2022 TLSP Educator of the Year Award: Amy Scott - Ascension Lutheran SchoolAndrea Koenig - St. Peter’s Lutheran SchoolAnyssa Scaer - Ascension Lutheran… Read More

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