Rally! Advocate! Respond! Be a mythbuster!

Posted on Feb 27, 2023 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership - Lutheran Spirit - News and Events - School Choice


All non-public school stakeholders, including those who are part of our Lutheran school community, are invited to attend a rally in celebration of school choice. This rally, entitled Share the Vision: A Celebration of School Choice, is organized and supported by Indiana Non-Public School Association (INPEA), the Institute for Quality Education (IQE), the Fort Wayne South Bend Diocese and The Lutheran Schools Partnership. Please Register Here for our rally at Bishop Dwenger High School on March 16 at 6 PM.


Much thanks to the many of you who have made their voices heard on HB 1001 and HB 1591! Both these bills support expansion of School Choice passed out of the House last Thursday. Visit the INPEA Legislative Action Center to send a personalized thank you email to your House Representative. Type in your zip code in the Find Officials section and the site will walk you through the steps you need to take to send a message. It is an easy process! As of Thursday afternoon, 715 families reached out to their legislators to stand up in support of School Choice (or a better term, “Parent Choice”).


Unfortunately, support for Parent Choice is not as bold in the Senate as it is with representatives. In fact, one senator from northwest Indiana raised many personal concerns about the School Choice programming in a recent Facebook post. To get a glimpse of the School Choice advocates response to the accusations, feel free to read a response from our Choice partner (and a sponsor of our TLSP VIP event) EdChoice here.


It is important that all non-public school stakeholders be ready to challenge the negative narrative that is presented by school choice critics. To help you prepare for these conversations, INPEA has created this School Choice Myth Buster document.