Reformation: All about Jesus!

Posted on Oct 29, 2015 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership

Christmas and Easter. For many, those are the favorite Christian celebrations. Frankly for some, those two days may be the only times when there is an intentional look at needing Christ.As for the Muehl family, while we enjoy our Christmas and Easter celebrations, we boldly and enthusiastically celebrate the Reformation, too. Why? All three festivals have one thing in common -- they're all about Jesus.At Christmas, we celebrate Jesus' birth. At Easter, we celebrate His redeeming work. Pull out Jesus and what do you have? Jolly elves and candy-totin' bunnies.While Reformation sounds so political, especially in our 2015 world, the Reformation was (and Reformation celebrations are today) all about Jesus. It's about grace, it's about love, it's about forgiveness -- it's about Jesus.For a quick but thoughtful look at Reformation, go to this blog and read! schools are, well, Lutheran. Celebrating Reformation and knowing its history, its cast of characters, its impact on the Church and its ongoing emphasis on the saving work of Jesus are necessary elements of knowing who we are and why we do what we do. No doubt our schools are about academics, about learning social skills and about holistic growing up. But ultimately, we're about Jesus.Lutheran or not, I encourage you to dive in to the Reformation this week. It just might change, uh, reform you.Peace and joy,Mark Muehl, Director