School Choice Growth - Spread the Word

Posted on May 03, 2021 by Mark Muehl - School Choice

Here is some exciting news!

In the recently passed state budget, Governor Holcomb and the Indiana General Assembly made educational options more affordable for families across our state. Starting with the 2021-22 school year, students of Hoosier families whose household income is 300% of Federal Free or Reduced-Price Meals guidelines or less now qualify to receive financial aid to help cover the cost of non-public school tuition. As 15 of our 19 region’s Lutheran schools accept choice scholarships (often called “vouchers”), more families will be able to consider enrollment in a Lutheran school.

What does this mean?

Here are the 2021-22 School Year Income Eligibility Numbers Based on Household Size:

If you have school-aged children, chances are your family meets these guidelines!

What should I do with this information?

First, visit with your principal on what this law means for you and your family.

Second, share this news with friends and family. In a most unique and unexpected way, God has opened up an opportunity that we MUST embrace and share.


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